COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Latest Updates

We will keep this page up to date so please keep checking back for the latest developments.
Last updated Wednesday 22nd September, 9:24am

Last updated Monday, 4 October 2021, 8:00am

Auckland and parts of Waikato are at Alert Level 3, the rest of the country are now at Alert Level 2. You will notice a number of health and safety measures in place to help keep our customers and team safe while in our stores. This includes physical distancing, extra cleaning, limiting customer numbers, contactless online deliveries and making sure the COVID-19 Tracer App QR codes are clearly visible. If you’re the nominated shopper in your bubble, please scan in, use hand sanitiser, wear a mask and only buy what you need.

Please note that from Thursday, 19 August, it will be mandatory for all customers & staff over the age of 12 to wear a mask when they are in our stores.

Please visit the Ministry of Health website for the most up to date locations of interest for FreshChoice stores. You can filter results by location name or address (eg, city or suburb) using the search.

If you have any concerns or require further information, please visit the Ministry of Health website or contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Thanks for your understanding and support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Store Information

Are you going to change your opening hours?
Some of our stores may reduce their opening hours during Level 3, whilst we will endeavour to update our store websites as best as possible, some hours may be different to those advertised.

Online Shopping

Are deliveries going to be contactless?
All deliveries will now be contactless nationwide.

What should I do if I can’t get my usual delivery slot?
Our available slots are filling up quicker than usual. If our website isn't showing any available slots, please continue to search for the next available delivery slot. Unfortunately, we aren't able to arrange delivery slot bookings over the phone.

Due to our limited delivery and pickup slots, please shop in-store if you are able to do so. This will help us prioritise online orders for those most in need in our communities.

Can I still collect my Pick up order?
Pick Up orders can still be collected in our stores.

Shopping in our stores

Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes. As mandated by the government, all customers will need to wear a mask or face covering when they are shopping in our stores.

The government has made face masks mandatory and we hope that all New Zealanders will understand the importance of this

All our stores will have signage to let customers know that masks are a condition of entry to our stores and we’ll have greeters at the entrance to help remind people to wear their mask and to scan in. We’ll also have some masks available for customers who might forget their own.

If there’s a legitimate reason someone isn’t able to wear a mask, such as a medical condition, just politely let our team know.

Masks are a condition of entry to our stores and for anyone who forgets, we will offer them a mask. We understand that for some customers, wearing a mask isn't possible due to health reasons. We'd ask those customers to either get a member of their bubble to shop for them or, if this isn't possible, let our team know and ensure they are socially distancing themselves from any other customers and our team.

Wearing a mask or face covering can significantly reduce the risk of people who have COVID-19 spreading the virus to others, so we’d ask all New Zealanders to play their part and mask up.

Are there limits on the number of people in stores?
To make sure everyone has space to shop safely, we’ll be monitoring the number of people in our stores at any one time. Remember, to please only send your nominated shopper in your bubble to shop and if you’re feeling unwell, please stay home.

What can I do to stay safe when shopping in-store?

  • We have a range of physical distancing measures in place in our stores to keep our team and customers safe. This includes markings on floors, and closing off every second checkout and every second self-service checkout. We recommend that you use a shopping trolley as a guide for distance between you and other customers.
  • We’d encourage customers to use contactless payment options where they can and keep up good hygiene practices by washing their hands regularly and using the hand sanitiser available in our stores.

Do I need to pack my own bags?
Customers will be asked to pack their own bags to minimise contact in our stores and keep our team and customers safe.

Are the deli and bulk food sections open?

Alert Level 3

Our delis will stay open in most stores however we’ve closed our bulk food sections in our stores.

Alert Level 2

Our bulk food department and delis are open in most stores. 

Can I still bring my personal, reusable containers to be filled?
We’re doing everything we can to keep our customers and team healthy and safe. While we’re passionate about reducing single-use plastic, we’ve decided to temporarily stop accepting BYO containers.

Are there any product limits?
We are monitoring stock levels in case of panic-buying. The Prime Minister’s message to New Zealanders is that there’s no need to stockpile. You may experience some limits in our stores if we feel that we need to use these to ensure all customers get their fair share of groceries.

Is SuperValue running out of food?
No. We have plenty of food and groceries in New Zealand, and we make items like toilet paper right here. We’ll continue to manage any increased customer demand in our stores, but we also need customers to remember that when they buy more than they need, others will go without that day.

Customers should shop as they normally would and be thoughtful of others to ensure that all New Zealanders have access to the food and products they need. There is no need to panic about food and groceries.

Physical Distancing

What is physical distancing?
Physical distancing is a term used by the Ministry of Health to describe less contact between you and other people.

The advice from the Ministry is that this will help prevent or slow the spread of COVID-19. The more space there is between you and others, the harder it is for a virus to spread.

What is SuperValue doing to maintain physical distancing?
The safety of our team and our customers is our main priority. We’re supporting the Government’s recommendations to encourage physical distancing by using tools in our stores to help people create space between themselves and others, and our team. These include markings on floors, using the shopping trolley as a tool - supported by good hygiene practices.

How are you protecting your customers?

The safety of our team and our customers is our main priority and we have a number of measures in place to help prevent the spread of the virus. These include:

  • Maintaining our comprehensive food quality and hygiene standards across the store
  • A detailed cleaning programme in our stores every day, supported by increased cleaning across high traffic areas.
  • Signs in stores to encourage good hygiene and care for each other
    • asking those who are self isolating to not enter the store.
    • sharing guidance on common hygiene and physical distancing.
    • advising to use the size of a trolley as a distance guide between each other
  • Floor marking distance guides at checkouts.
  • Limiting the number of customers in our stores.
  • Recommending customers use Paywave where possible.

Health & Safety

Do you have hygiene wipes for trolleys and at store entry?
We have wipes at the entry and hand sanitiser at the exits of our stores nationwide for our customers and team to use.

We’re also reinforcing our good hygiene measures as well sharing Ministry of Health guidelines with our team. We’ve increased our regular store cleaning as a precautionary measure.

How can I be assured that your team are healthy?
The safety and health of our team is our priority. Across our business we have taken the opportunity to review our processes and are reinforcing our normal hygiene measures, sharing Ministry of Health guidelines on prevention and regularly communicating with our team across multiple channels about how to stay safe and healthy.

We have also put a range of measures in place that are designed to keep both our team and our customers safe and healthy. These include encouraging customers shopping in our stores to use their trolley as a distance guide and to follow new floor markings at checkouts. We’ve also got perspex screens in place at checkouts. We’ll also be putting up posters across the store to provide our customers and teams with helpful tips to minimise contact with others.

Other recommendations include using Paywave where possible and maintaining strict hand-washing routines prior to coming into our stores.

We’re following the government’s requirements around self-isolation for any of our team members who are returning to New Zealand from overseas travel or have been asked to self isolate.

What steps are your personal shoppers taking to ensure hygiene? Shouldn’t they be wearing gloves?
The health and safety of our customers and team is our utmost priority. We’re continuing to reinforce our good hygiene measures as well as sharing Ministry of Health guidelines with our team.

How are you supporting your team?
The safety, health and well-being of our team is our greatest priority. As our business is an essential service and our stores will be open each day, it’s really important that we look after them. We are very grateful to our team members and suppliers who are working tirelessly to do the best job possible. Please continue to respect and support our team members, particularly if a product isn’t available or the checkout queues are longer than normal.