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Gather around the campfire (or microwave) and tuck into these sinfully delicious s'mores.


  • A pack of biscuits or graham crackers. Biscuits with a chocolate coating, Choc Thins or Chocolate Digestives work well as you don't need to add chocolate.
  • Marshmallows
  • A wood or metal skewer to toast the marshmallows on the fire (or you can melt in the microwave at home).
  • Chocolate (if you are using plain biscuits or if you want an extra chocolaty treat)!
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  1. Place a piece of chocolate on a biscuit, then put the toasted marshmallow and another biscuit on top. Add more chocolate if you please.
  2. To make at home place the marshmallow & chocolate on top of the biscuit and microwave for 15 seconds, top with the other biscuit and voila.
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