Potato Nibbles

A new take on an old favourite

Craving that baked potato taste but need to feed the troops pronto? Here's a faster alternative, with enough topping options that'd you'll never get sick of them.


  • 5 large potatoes
  • Toppings, see below for ideas
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  1. Scrub the potatoes, do not peel. Boil, microwave or steam until tender but still firm. Slice in half & top with chosen topping.

Topping Ideas

Avocado: Mash some avocado and mix with a little lemon juice. Spread on each potato half and garnish with finely diced red pepper and chives.

Smoked Salmon: Spread each potato with cream cheese. Top with smoked salmon and a sprig of dill or parsley.

Minted Cucumber: Blend 1 Tbsp finely chopped mint, 6cm piece of cucumber (peeled and deseeded), and ¼ cup light sour cream together until smooth. Spread on each potato half and garnish with extra mint leaves.

Curried Egg: Blend 2 hard boiled eggs, ½ tsp curry powder, ¼ cup yoghurt or mayonnaise together. Spread on each potato half and garnish with finely diced pepper

Mushroom & Cheese: Sauté 100g mushrooms in a stick of butter, a clove of garlic and a pinch of thyme. Sprinkle cheese onto the potato half and then top with a spoon of mushrooms.

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View Method Potato Nibbles
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