Ultimate deluxe platter

Ultimate deluxe platter

When creating a grazing platter for a crowd, pile it high. Opt for creamy cheeses, thinly sliced meats, fresh fruit, mixed nuts and a variety of crackers.


  • 125g Always Fresh crustini crispbread rosemary & sea salt
  • 120g King Island roaring 40s blue
  • 100g Hans Tapas platter Italian
  • 170g King Island surprise bay cheddar or stokes point cheddar
  • 100g original wafer crackers
  • 100g Olina's artisan crackers date & apricot
  • 100g Ob finest quince paste
  • 200g King Island cape wickham double brie cheese
  • 150g soft & juicy figs
  • 135g semi dried tomatoes
  • 2 slices green pear
  • 80g roasted & salted mixed nuts
  • 250g fresh strawberry
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  1. Using a large platter, add the brie, blue cheese and cheddar.
  2. Next, layout slices of prosciutto and salami.
  3. Add the mixed nuts, sundried tomatoes and quince paste to separate bowls and place them on the board, then add the strawberries, figs and slices of pear.
  4. Finally, complete your board by filling any empty spaces with crackers. Put the crispbreads in a tall glass or jar and place it next to your board.
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View Method Ultimate deluxe platter
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